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Nº663: madrid, subway, puerto rico, http, europe, brain, france, publications, anthropomorphic, open data, geodata, ads, trail, toronto, plains

Nº662: despair, itineraries, harvest, unicorns

Note from Jorge and Raf:

this is the last “daily” Ráfaga until September, for the rest of August we’ll send a single (more or less) weekly long issue. Have a great Summer/Winter y’all folks!

Nº661: fast food, barcelona, languages, components

Nº660: d3, coloring, rivers, critic

Nº658: commerce, visual, hot, attractions

Nº657: airbnb, treasures, emoji, fountains

Nº656: design, cities, madrid, shazam

Nº655: migration, emoji, addictions, gas

Nº654: dwellings, accidents, mountain, raising

Nº652: tourism, crimes, changes, density

Nº651: members, changes, eclipse, plastic

Nº650: osm, mapmatching, geotagging, modeling

Nº649: psycogeography, learning, gentrification, parody

Nº648: r, geologists, plague, photogrammetry

Nº647: chicken, immersive, watersheds, compare

Nº646: weather, broadband, interests, works

Nº645: update, water source, accidents, disasters

Nº644: gps, algonquian, pubs, solidarity

Nº643: grids, bugs, visualizations, hillforts

Nº642: catalan, athropocene, generalization, real estate

Nº641: farts, books, mobile, dogs

Nº640: isochrones, vision, globes, french

Nº639: transport, clouds, world map, landslides

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