Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº720: landsat, open data, roads, illumination, had

Nº719: soviet, separatism, geotiff, autumn, borders

Nº718: svg, dataviz, emoji, language

Nº717: paterna, nyc, portal, conflict

Nº716: paris, menorca, guns, stars

Nº715: filming, virginia, vegetation, commission

Nº714: pubs, vessels, coral, beijing

Nº713: valència, abortion, population, cables

Nº712: caves, ar, electricity, happiness

Nº711: rome, nyc, coasts, ancient

Nº710: routes, meters, lights, time

Nº708: psychogeography, economy, extract, collecting

Note from Raf about not having an issue on the 3rd of October:

En suport dels actes de protesta davant l’ús de la força per part de les forces policials durant el referèndum que va tenir lloc el dia 1 d’octubre i en defensa dels drets fonamentals.

To support the protests against the enforcement measures taken by police during the 1st of October referendum and in defense of the fundamental rights

Nº707: languages, education, burnings, films

Nº706: blender, cities, lego, 3d

Nº705: meals, gps, history, weapons

Nº704: game, review, flights, forests

Nº703: bridges, cakes, time, marine

Nº702: visualizations, crust, telco, participatory

Nº701: concrete, buildings, amazonia, navigators

Nº700: bathymetry, bottle, livestock, colours

Nº699: isometric, water, intersections, 80s

Nº698: minerals, hazards, archeology, pictures

Nº697: wind, fakemaps, laundering, irma

Nº695: lightning, inspire, citygml, penedès

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