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Nº985: zurich, firearms, indian, homeless

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Nº984: casualties, locations, detections, music

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Nº983: migrations, casualties, sauce, semiology

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Nº982: st_asmvt, extractions, caribou, wrecks

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Nº981: contagion, sports, beer, nuke

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Nº980: aesthetics, apathy, australia, saving

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Rafagas handover survey results

71 people participated in the survey, most of them were current readers and mostly coming from the mailing lists in Catalan, even a significant number also used Twitter as the way to consume them.

More than half of the participants would be interested on sending links, and quite a few would be willing to help on curating them. As most of the people answering the survey come from the Catalan speaking mailing lists, language preference would also be first Catalan, then English.

Finally, the majority of the participants agree on a weekly basis.

A few highlight comments:

“Love it. Maybe too much. Condense a bit”

“I use the links to share current GIS events with students.”

“Being honest, I didn’t know about it and it is a shame that I missed it. I had a look before answer the survey and I really like the idea and sources. I think it is really good resource and quite interesting for Gis professionals or map lovers.

“This is a wonderful resource that I use often . . . I am a teacher in Kathmandu, Nepal at an international school. These resources are great to bring into the classroom. I am thankful that an old university friend that works at Carto in DC turned me on to this. I am hopeful that this will continue. Cheers!”

You have more details about the survey at the shared document for this effort.

Jorge Sanz

Nº979: cmyk, ladybug, un, cliche

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Nº978: martin, stars, apple, r

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Nº977: cli, forest, athens, megacities

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Nº976: empires, services, money, tsunami

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Nº975: lights, seabed, cemeteries, stadiums

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Nº974: archaeology, bim, fabric, serialization

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Nº973: optimization, population, geology, age

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Nº972: potential, pollutants, proportional, disasters

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Nº971: incarceration, iceland, industrial, pollution

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Nº970: soils, satellite, hbim, python

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Nº969: jiide, arturo, barcelona, cities

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Rafagas handover feedback survey

Raf Roset is handling over his daily effort to collect links and share them on a daily basis (the friendly named “Ráfagas”). A group of enthusiastic followers want to be sure this effort is worth to be continued so we ask you for your feedback. You can get more context and related information here.

So please, take a minute to answer the feedback survey and feel free to discuss about the planned sunset (unless we do something!) of this nice effort using the Ráfagas mailing list.

Jorge Sanz

Nº968: fleet, building, maresme, vue

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Nº967: deep, resistance, parks, bicycle

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Nº966: dataviz, exploration, locin, hydro-political

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Nº965: odyssey, solar, relief, social

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Nº964: geofencing, electrostations, ecosystem, reconstruction

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Nº963: migrants, resistance, predictions, business

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