Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº939: landslides, housing, cartography, cities

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Nº938: serverless, benchmark, considerations, forest fires

Raf (62)

Nº937: kids, light, movies, education

Raf (63)

Nº936: madrid, unionism, volcanoes, antarctica

Raf (64)

Nº935: submetric, field, extraction, place names

Raf (65)

Nº934: differences, meals, vessels, algorithms

Raf (66)

Nº933: temperature, inequality, globe, ocean

Raf (67)

Nº932: heliocentrism, estonia, changes

Raf (68)

Nº931: sentinel-1, flow, globe, sahara, oil, drowned, summer, monsters

Raf (69)

Nº930: radical, water, first nations, land value, stonehenge, polution, lego, hexgrid, islands, buildings

Note from Jorge: Back from summer holidays, I’ll try to catch up with Raf’s issues as fast as I can, bear with me ^_^

Raf (70)

Nº929: hemisphere, malaria, distances, pesticides, leon, barcelona, bitcoin, flights, wrecks, painting

Raf (71)

Nº928: graph, companies, lidar, jams, words, wind, hungarian, hiking, business, countries

Raf (72)

Nº927: nyc, globes, colors

Raf (73)

Nº926: point cloud, land-use, metropolitan

Raf (74)

Nº925: training, shape, outbreaks

Raf (75)

Nº924: religions, animations, caves

Raf (76)

Nº922: paris, gardening, yachts

Raf (78)

Nº921: harvest, great britain, divide

Raf (79)

Nº920: population, subsoil, vector

Raf (80)

Nº919: cloudless, point clouds, accidents

Raf (81)

Nº918: emma, margaret, estra

Raf (82)

Nº917: trash, chill, pools

Raf (83)

Nº916: grants, color, orthogonality

Raf (84)

Nº915: tobacco, profile, metrics

Raf (85)

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