Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº188: ice, trees, planning, chicago, poverty

  • 20 years of NatGeo maps on an animated GIF to show how the Arctic ice cover is melting https://www.pacha-cartographe.fr/le-blog-du-cartographe/glaces-arctiques/

  • Creating with QGIS a prioritization model to seed trees on urban areas http://www.azavea.com/blogs/atlas/2015/09/creating-a-tree-planting-prioritization-model-in-qgis/

  • Urban zoning map of New York City with sound effects http://gothamzoning.org/

  • Open Source applications from Chicago created with Open Data to boost transparency http://opencityapps.org/

  • Poverty risk map of Spain http://www.ais-int.com/el-riesgo-de-pobreza-en-espana-pueblo-a-pueblo.html