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Nº235: lego, novel, taxis, teaching, geology

  • Teaching geography and surveying, the easy way with Lego http://susanevans.org/blog/lego-topography/

  • USA map of well known 42 American novels http://www.hogislandpress.com/product/great-american-novel-map

  • Millions of taxi and Uber trips in New York analyzed http://toddwschneider.com/posts/analyzing-1-1-billion-nyc-taxi-and-uber-trips-with-a-vengeance/

  • How to teach maps to 10 years old students http://liquidliteracy.com/2015/11/22/geoliteracy-conceptualizing-maps/

  • Imaging spectroscopy to analyze geologic samples http://www.geosociety.org/gsatoday/archive/25/12/article/i1052-5173-25-12-4.htm