Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº236: disputed, cartographers, cadastre, BsAs, uav

  • Interactive map to visualize disputed territories between countries http://metrocosm.com/disputed-territories-map.html

  • How is the work of Lonely Planet cartographers http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blog/2015/11/20/mapping-the-world-with-lonely-planet-kids/

  • An interactive tool to compare Spanish cadastre maps between two dates http://www.catastrohistorico.com/

  • Interactive map to see Buenos Aires housing prices by block http://www.reporteinmobiliario.com/nuke/article3045-el-valor-metro-cuadrado-de-oferta-manzana-por-manzana-noviembre-2015.html

  • Professional software to make 20cm/px maps for free with your own UAV https://www.dronedeploy.com/