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Nº267: guru, berlin, maps, passengers, schools

  • Talk about future and technology trends at the GIS industry by Paul Ramsey, CartoDB’s Solutions Architect https://vimeo.com/149429837

  • Rent average prizes and public transport network of Berlin https://nerdkrams.de/eine-heatmap-fuer-die-miet-map/

  • A huge maps and images collection at Imgur http://imgur.com/gallery/Coqkh

  • Number of passengers at Switzerland transport stations http://maps.trafimage.ch/#/ch.sbb.netzkarte?baselayers=ch.sbb.netzkarte.relief&layers=ch.sbb.bahnhoffrequenzen&lang=de&zoom=3&x=684407.70&y=262078.60

  • London schools atlas http://data.london.gov.uk/dataset/london-schools-atlas