Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº278: london, nyc, pedestrians, meteorites, art, pintamaps

  • A new project to develop a new historical London GIS with several institutions via @realivansanchez http://londonist.com/2016/01/layers-of-london-londons-new-mapping-project

  • A map of New York with street names by relevant musicians via @realivansanchez http://www.kingdomcollective.co.uk/2015/12/the-new-york-music-map/

  • A model based on crowd sourced information (OSM) to evacuate pedestrians via @realivansanchez http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352146514001288

  • A world map of meteorites between 1994 and 2013 according to the liberated energy http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4380

  • Mathew Picton artistic work with maps and urban networks, thanks VPA http://matthewpicton.com/new-work/

Extra ball:

  • Pintamaps, vector tiles plus JSON styles with @ICGCat data to make maps to your liking http://betaserver.icgc.cat/pintamaps

(Disclaimer: I’m part of the development team)