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Nº279: baseball, designs, tiles, monuments, drought

  • A world GeoJSON file of baseball parks, a work in progress via @realivansanchez http://spatiallyadjusted.com/2016/01/28/geojson-ballparks-update/

  • A collection of old and new maps on Pinterest via @raolbaletco https://www.pinterest.com/thisismikehall/inspirational-map-designs/

  • A brief report about how tiled maps work via @realivansanchez http://www.gogeomatics.ca/magazine/map-tiles-and-cached-map-services.htm

  • Map of the monuments of Barcelona that have been displaced http://www.naciodigital.cat/noticia/101304/monuments/no/paren/quiets

  • A waterless 3D Earth globe http://alteredqualia.com/xg/examples/earth_bathymetry.html