Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº283: locations, vitoria, tourists, realism, fosdem

  • How to convert your Google location history on a map http://gisforthought.com/mapping-google-location-data/

  • Metrominuto: map of walking trips in Vitoria (Spain) http://www.gasteizhoy.com/metrominuto-mapa-vitoria/

  • Analysis and modeling of tourists flux at Mont-Saint-Michuel http://cybergeo.revues.org/27124

  • Fotogrammetry and geodata to create realistic worlds for computer games https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/geospatial-photogrammetry-when-mapping-world-gaming-collide-marre

  • FOSDEM 2016 short overview with slides links (videos later) http://blog.gisky.be/2016/02/report-of-geospatialfosdem-2016.html