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Nº285: ebro, cities, antarctica, ecology, data, servants

  • Article about the origins of the 1927 Ebro river photomaps http://www.iagua.es/blogs/conoce-che-y-gestion-agua/vuelo-historico-1927-chshe-origenes-y-actualidad-cartografia-pionera

  • Poster maps of cities made with their street network http://www.routelines.com/

  • A complete Antarctica mosaic made of Landsat imagery http://lima.usgs.gov/

  • Ecologic combats and environmental justice on a world wide map http://www.agrotic.org/blog/la-carte-des-combats-ecologiques/

  • Future will be built on Open Data http://theconversation.com/the-future-will-be-built-on-open-data-heres-why-52785

  • How to encourage civil servants to open data http://opendatacon.org/civil-servants-incentives-in-open-data/?lang=es