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Nº289: plants, traffic jams, podcast, tv, styles

  • Mobile app to measure your plants leaf size to track their growth, via @petioleapp http://www.petioleapp.com/

  • Analyzing train data to evaluate the service effectiveness and avoid delays http://theodi.org/blog/open-data-app-fasteroute-could-help-commuters-avoid-over-five-hours-of-train-delays-a-year via @realivansanchez

  • Podcast in Spanish about Juan de la Cosa, the Spanish cartographer, via @vehrka http://memoriasdeuntambor.com/33-juan-de-la-cosa

  • Spanish TV coverage on crowd sourcing cartography, via @xurxosanz http://alacarta.canalsur.es/television/video/nueva-cartografia-colaborativa/1845479/300

  • Portfolio with several maps made with a number of tools, via @xurxosanz http://www.mapsmith.net/