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Nº298: cartosummit, wales, quakes, archaeology, underground, land

  • A couple of summaries of the Cartographic Summit 2016 http://andywoodruff.com/blog/cartographic-summit-2016/ i https://medium.com/@TheMapSmith/carto-thoughts-from-the-cartosummit-ba6be1f04fce#.oyhqm6w8p

  • A crowd source project to transcribe and georeference old Welsh maps http://cynefin.archiveswales.org.uk/en/

  • App to detect quakes via @atermens http://www.rdmag.com/videos/2016/02/new-smartphone-app-can-detect-earthquakes?

  • Using UAVs to monitor archaeological sites looting via @atermens http://www.rdmag.com/news/2016/02/archaeologists-monitor-looting-drones?

  • Dissertation: “The hidden Barcelona: relevance of the undersoil on a modern city” http://www.tdx.cat/handle/10803/323901 @vinyesballbe

  • Project to collect the land value at Latin America. http://valorsueloamericalatina.org/