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Nº302: null, journal, lgbtq, 3d, buildings, taxes

  • A good explanation in Spanish about what Null Island is via @realivansanchez http://www.labrujulaverde.com/2016/02/null-island-la-isla-situada-en-latitud-0-y-longitud-0

  • Journal on theory and practice in cryptic cartography and participatory social mapping via @realivansanchez http://livingmaps.review/journal/index.php/LMR/index

  • LGBTQ crowd sourced England map via @realivansanchez http://historicengland.org.uk/research/inclusive-heritage/lgbtq-heritage-project/

  • Corner to corner, NYC in 3D with OSM data via @realivansanchez http://www.cubicpower.idv.tw/BigData/NewYorkMaze/locations/Ba.htm

  • Evil buildings, a summary in pictures via @realivansanchez https://www.reddit.com/r/evilbuildings

  • Five maps that prove that a England local taxes reform is needed via @realivansanchez https://theconversation.com/hard-evidence-five-maps-that-prove-its-time-to-reform-council-tax-in-england-53991