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Nº327: architecture, cartograms, evacuation, nz, london, luxembourg

  • A blog about architecture, urban planing and related topics https://urbannext.net/

  • Open Source code to create equal area cartograms http://wsj.github.io/squaire/

  • Gathering data about evacuation plans on public facilities https://cquest.hackpad.com/OpenEvacMap-fslfSbDRGC2

  • The New Zealand national library maps collection via @xurxosanz https://natlib.govt.nz/photos?il[collection]=Cartographic+Collection&text=new+zealand

  • Interactive map of the 1665 London plague by Daniel Defoe http://hofstra.github.io/itinerary/

  • The Luxembourg maps geoportal has also other features http://map.geoportal.lu/