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Nº357: princeton, utrecht, projections, czech, alps

  • Geographical data and digital maps from Princeton University http://map.princeton.edu/search/ #ICA-DACH

  • Map of book printers and publishers at Utretch between 1450 and 1800 http://arkyves.org/view/geocontextutrecht/ #ICA-DACH

  • An easy and visual system to resolve old maps projections http://mercator.elte.hu/~brncsk/projections-cheat-sheet/ #ICA-DACH

  • A Czech virtual map collection with 3D maps and old globes http://chartae-antiquae.cz #ICA-DACH

  • Images, maps and multimedia resources (including an app) about the Alps http://www.unil.ch/viaticalpes/home/menuinst/multimedia-viaticalpes.html #ICA-DACH