Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº358: meteo, stories, spam, radars, rents, guns

  • OSCAR/Surface meteorological network metadata via @jgcasta https://oscar.wmo.int/OSCAR/index.html#/

  • How to use maps to tell stories http://www.carlapedret.cat/maps-stories-cartodb-mapbox-fusion-tables/

  • Spam, an OS library based on Canvas and D3 to easily compose maps https://github.com/newsappsio/spam

  • Map of section radaras in Catalonia http://cat.elpais.com/cat/2016/05/03/catalunya/1462292230_734820.html

  • Open Source map and analysis of the housing rents in Europe http://www.rentswatch.com/#!/city/barcelona

  • 2015 accidents with toddlers and guns at the USA https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/05/01/toddlers-have-shot-at-least-23-people-this-year/