Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº359: snow, wildcardgis, mexico, belgium, animations

  • New version of the crowdsourced ski trails map http://opensnowmap.org/

  • A detailed comparison between QGIS 2.14 and ArcGIS 10.4 http://dragons8mycat.com/2016/03/qgis-2-14-v-arcgis-10-4/

  • An Open Data portal willing to be easy and global, Postgis powered http://plenar.io/

  • Digital map of Mexico, an environment to explore and create geodata http://gaia.inegi.org.mx/

  • Belgium real estate prize map, and a how to http://www.maartenlambrechts.be/making-of-a-real-estate-price-map-for-the-19-000-belgian-neighbourhoods/

  • Satellite imagery time lapse between 1984 and 2012 anywhere in the planet http://world.time.com/timelapse2/