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Nº363: boston, relief, baltic, vineyards, dieselgate, europa

  • There’s a giant crystal globe to visit in Boston http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/100-wonders-the-mapparium

  • How to present mountains on a browser, a guide to use relief tiles https://mapzen.com/blog/mapping-mountains

  • Old maps of the Baltic countries and other places of the world http://maps4u.lt/en/news.php

  • Cartography of the Domaine Milan vineyards in France http://www.le-cartographe.net/dossiers-carto-91/europe/361-domaine-milan

  • Volkswagen dieselgate and its consequences on maps http://christopherwesson.azurewebsites.net/2016/05/08/can-the-vw-emissions-scandal-be-mapped/

  • A test to celebrate that May 9th was Europe day via @bolosig http://verne.elpais.com/verne/2016/05/09/articulo/1462785418_536617.html