Ráfagas Geospatial links everyday

Nº370: speed, intensity, literature, objectives, big easy

  • Map of the estimated vehicles speed at the USA https://metricmaps.org/2016/04/28/estimated-speed-in-usa/

  • Annual traffic intensity at USA and Europe http://metrocosm.com/traffic-flow-maps/

  • Literary geography of London: map of authors references https://www.geolounge.com/explore-literary-geography-london/

  • Declassified map of the USA 1100 nuclear objectives via @xurxosanz http://futureoflife.org/background/us-nuclear-targets/#nukemap

  • New Orleans is sinking quickly, specially because of water wells http://gizmodo.com/nasa-maps-show-how-fast-new-orleans-is-sinking-1776933677