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Nº403: book, drought, ricci, nature, l1

  • New book: “After the Map: Cartography, Navigation, and the Transformation of Territory in the Twentieth Century” from William Rankin, blogger at radicalcartogrpahy.net http://www.afterthemap.info/

  • USA 5 last years drought intensity and variability https://twitter.com/John_M_Nelson/status/747557921572126720

  • Looks like the Ricci map has been modified to support Chinese claims http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2016/06/27/2003649554

  • Open Source code to report and share nature observations on citizen science projects http://www.inaturalist.org

  • Madrid Line 1 subway closure explained http://elcierredelalinea1.es/